Water boring service in kathmandu

Homeplex - Water boring service in kathmandu

Deep water boring services are fully covered by Homeplex, a complete solution provider with experience in many important sectors. Our group uses techniques specific to drilling water wells. specialized apparatus for obtaining groundwater for a variety of uses. Durability and contamination prevention are the main priorities when we build boreholes. Geophysical surveys and aquifer testing are used to evaluate the subsurface geology along with the features of the groundwater. Pump installation, water quality testing, and the repair of existing wells are areas in which Homeplex specializes, guaranteeing optimal performance. Our commitment includes groundwater investigation, yield testing, well installation monitoring, continuous well maintenance, and regulatory compliance.
Select Homeplex if you're looking for a dependable and environmentally friendly water supply option.

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Homeplex- Deep Water Boring services

1.Water Well Drilling

2. Borehole Construction

3. Aquifer Testing

4. Geophysical Surveys

5. Pump Installation

6. Water Quality Testing

7. Well Rehabilitation

8. Well Maintenance

9. Groundwater Exploration

10. Monitoring Well Installation