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Homeplex - House Repair & Maintainance Services

1. Improving a broken ,damaged or outdated house

2. Increase the property value of your house

3. Fixed safey issues like plumbing ,electricity etc

4. Lower your living Room

5.Update your home and decor

6. Use the area under the stairs

7. Create more useable space.

8. Energy-efficient upgrades to reduce utility costs

9. Enhance outdoor living areas with renovations

10. Additions or expansions for growing families or lifestyle changes

Site Visit charge

make an appointment with our experienced and certified team of professionals, who will quickly diagnose and repair any issues you may be experiencing with your home.

Rs. 500

Why Re-design & Re-construction with Homeplex?

On Budgets / No More rates
On Budgets / No More rates
We offer budget-friendly options without compromising quality.
Fast Reliable Service
Fast Reliable Service
2 hrs Response time with punctual and reliable services
Service Warranty
Service Warranty
We provide a one-month service warranty on the same issue.
Skill & Trained  Handyman
Skill & Trained Handyman
Highly trained & Dicipline professionals

Renovate,Re-design & Re-construct your house with Homeplex in the Kathmandu Valley

With Homeplex, we update your house by combining modern technology with classic style.  you want, our team employs the latest techniques and instruments, assuring accuracy and effectiveness at every stage. From the starting project to ending project , we give experienced guidance and support along with solutions which are specifically designed to fit your requirements . No worries, your project will be in skilled hands when you work with Homeplex because we value open communication and transparency all the way through. We're committed to giving your home an updated vibe, whether that means integrating smart home features or creating innovative layouts to maximize available space. Discover the difference at Homeplex, where passion, technology, and experience come together to create inspiring homes.