Solve your Seepage & Crack With Homeplex?

Homeplex is a Kathmandu-based company that uses modern technology, such as devices and machinery by home inspectors and engineers, to repair serious problems in houses, like seepage, water leaks, and cracks. The company also offers a warranty on its solutions.

Professional and Experience Team
Giving Proper Estimate
On-Time Work Finish
No Visiting Charge
Inspection with Device
With Quality & Guarantee Work

Renovate,Re-design & Re-construct
your house with Homeplex

1. Improving a broken ,damaged or outdated house

2. Increase the property value of your house

3. Fixed safey issues like plumbing ,electricity etc

4. Lower your living Room

5.Update your home and decor

6. Use the area under the stairs

7. Create more useable space.

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